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Kid Brought Blow-Up Sex Doll to School Nativity by Accident

(The AEGIS Alliance) – This past Thursday, a mother in Scotland felt embarrassed after realizing her five-year old son was sent to a school nativity with a sex doll. The 46 year old Helen Cox said she bought the blow-up sheep on the Amazon website in November and didn’t realize what it actually was until after Alfie her son had been sent home from school as a result of it.

“I just can’t believe it. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! How am I going to explain this to his teachers?” said the mother of two. “I have no idea if they’ve seen it was a sex toy and that’s why they sent it home – I’m mortified!”

Mrs. Helen Cox said it was confusing after Alfie got himself in trouble at school for having it. When her son arrived back  at home, she became aware of what the doll was. It has been listed on Amazon as a “Labreeze kids boys brown shepherd costume inflatable sheep nativity fancy dress outfit.” The doll had a big hole in its bottom and also had  red lips and painted-on eyelashes.

“I told him, ‘you can’t have this sheep, Alfie’ – but he kept asking why so I had to make up a reason,” Helen Cox laughed it off, and explained that Alfie has refused to give up the recent toy. “I told him it didn’t look like a proper sheep because it had a mustache, red lipstick and a bow on its head, but he still wanted to play with it.”

“I told him it didn’t look like a proper sheep because it had a mustache, red lipstick and a bow on its head, but he still wanted to play with it. I couldn’t think of any more reasons why not.”

Alfie discovered the hole soon afterwards and then asked what it was used for, so Mrs. Cox responded to him with, “it’s for the sheep’s toilet paper.”

Mrs. Cox mentioned that she is planning to take the sex doll away from him soon then start claiming the Elf on a Shelf stole it.

After Amazon learned of the incident, it has since removed the doll from its shopping website. Amazon says the seller did not meet the retailer’s policies and seller guidelines.

This is added to the list of mishaps this holiday season.

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