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Man Arrested in Texas After Telling Kids Santa Isn’t Real

(The AEGIS Alliance) – According to police a 31 year old protester was telling children that Santa Claus is not real. He has been arrested on a charges of trespassing at a church in North Texas. He was causing a disturbance and had been asked to leave.

On Saturday, authorities were called on Aaron Urbanski to a Cleburne church in Texas. The church was hosting a breakfast with an event about Santa Claus. According to authorities they discovered three people holding protest demonstrations outside the church after responding to the complaint of trespassing.

The police said Urbanski continued causing a disturbance after refusing to leave the church. Urbanski has been charged with criminal trespass. He has been booked into the Johnson County Law Enforcement Center.

Cleburne’s Mayor, Scott Cain made a statement on Facebook saying “Don’t mess with Santa!” The mayor continued with, “Guess they wanted coal in their stockings to go with a court appearance.”

This news comes after a first grade substitute teacher told students that Santa Claus isn’t real recently.

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