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The Satanic Temple is Suing Netflix Over “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A defendant in the $150 million lawsuit is Warner Bros. Studios, Netflix now finds itself the target of a Satanist group because of a recent original series release. The Satanic Temple, or TST has filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. and the video streaming service in the amount of $150 million and alleges their copyright has been infringed, along with injury to its business reputation and even trademark violation. TST is suing for $50 million for each count because of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. There are claims being made by the religious organization that the show displays a couple children who look up at a deity that is goat-headed and known as Baphomet. TST says the deity has a striking close resemblance to its own tribute made to Baphomet.

The court documents were filed in the New York District Court on Thursday. The Satanic Temple is making claims that its Baphomet statue it designed followed by being commissioned in the years of 2013 and 2014 is artwork subject to copyright laws. TST says the Baphomet statue used in the shows was a modified version of that design. Lucien Greaves, who is the founder of TST, made comparisons of the two artworks in a Tweet.

Among the allegations, TST says the “defendants misappropriated the TST Baphomet [with] Children in ways implying that the monument stands for evil. Among other morally repugnant actions, the Sabrina Series’ evil antagonists engage in cannibalism and forced-worship of a patriarchal deity.” 

The Satanic Temple also wants an injunction to block Warner Bros. and Netflix, the producers of the series, from the show being distributed.

However, there are some critics of the lawsuit, claiming that the temple’s statue is based on an iconic tarot card, which is a public domain image. Critics also say that images of Baphomet are all over the internet.

Featured Image Credit: CC/Netflix

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