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Facebook Reportedly Wants to Purchase “Major” Cyber-Security Company

Facebook’s plan is to both prevent breaches in the future; and to improve the company’s reputation.

(The AEGIS Alliance)Facebook has still been reeling from the recent breach where hackers exposed 29 million users. Facebook reportedly says they have a solution in mind. Sources who’ve been in talks with The Information are claiming that Facebook is speeding up its plans to purchase a “Major” cyber-security business; and has apparently offered deals already to several companies. These tipsters has been to name candidates. Zuckerberg and team Facebook are likely to purchase software that is able to fold into its existing services, including tools capable of signalling hacker attempts or making individual accounts secured.

It is uncertain how close Facebook is to a deal, but it could finalize a purchase by the end of 2018 this year. Facebook has not agreed to comment.

The plan is that acquiring such a company may assist Facebook in bolstering its defenses. Additional reasons are to improve its expertise and reduce the odds of coding mistakes that could result in compromising millions of users. Facebook may be looking for the perception behind such a move along with anything else.

With the hack, along with previous incidents such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook’s trustworthy rating has taken a fall. Purging independent media didn’t help their case for trust either. The plan is that a big purchase such as this would signal that the company is taking upgrading its security seriously, even if the newly acquired technology isn’t fully useful, and only partially.

You can check to see if your data was stolen in either of the categories by clicking on this link while logged into Facebook.

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