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Iraqi Air Force Began “Deadly Strikes” against ISIS DAESH in Syria

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Iraqi Prime Minister’s office states that F-16 fighter jets performed air raids near the border, coordinating with the Syrian army.

Iraq claims it carried out ‘deadly air strikes’ against the ISIS Daesh group, located in pockets within the  neighboring country of Syria. This announcement came days following Iraq’s prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, saying Iraq will take action against ISIS Daesh if these fighters threatened the security of Iraq. Iraqi F-16 fighter jets traveled into Syria on Thursday and coordinated with the Syrian army, al-Abadi’s office’s statement says.

“Based on orders from the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi, our heroic air force carried out deadly air strikes against ISIL sites in Syria on Thursday near the border with Iraq,” the statement mentioned.

These attacks are for countering dangers made by ISIS Daesh and reflect the Iraqi armed forces’ “military capabilities to fight terror” from looking at the statement. An Iraqi military spokesperson says these operations were fully in coordination with the Syrian army.

Al-Abadi had formally declared victory in defeating ISIS Daesh last year with the assistance of a coalition consisting of Shia-dominated paramilitary units, and Kurdish Peshmerga forces. An international coalition gave Iraq’s army key ground and air support.

However, the ISIS Daesh is still considered a threat from areas along the Syrian border and continues to carry out bombings and ambushes in areas of Iraq. Also happening on Thursday, ISIS Daesh fighters received 48 hours to leave an area they control in a southern area of Damascus, the Syrian capital,  reports pro-government Al-Watan daily.

These ISIS Daesh fighters have remained in control of an area around the Palestinian refugee camp known as Yarmouk and its surrounding neighborhoods south of Damascus for around three years.

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