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Costa Rica has Just Ran 300 Days On 100% Renewable Electricity

(The AEGIS Alliance) – In 2015, Costa Rica generated 100% of its electrical energy from renewable power for 299 days. Last year, it ran for 271 days on something but fossil fuels. This year, the nation generated 100% of its electrical energy from renewable power for 300 days. With just 4 weeks left of 2017 to go, it appears most likely the nation is going to greatest its  2015 achievement.

The Central American nation is at the moment creating its energy utilizing unique renewable power sources such as hydro, wind, geothermal, biomass, and solar power. Hydropower is accountable for creating a lot more than 70% of its electrical energy. Wind and geothermal power assists make 10%, even though biomass and solar power make 1%.

The tropical nation at the moment produces 1,241 instances much less greenhouse gases than China. Surprisingly, renewable power sources supply just 15% of U.S. electrical energy.

“optimization of the matrix has permitted us to take benefit of the higher availability of water. The regulatory reservoirs supply us a assure to maximize the use of variable sources. Mainly water on the edge and wind, and in parallel to provide the contribution of geothermal power,” says Carlos Manuel Obregón, executive president of the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity.

renewable energy in EU nations countries 2013 to 2014
Chart displaying typical renewable power usage in EU nations.

Costa Rica can achieve these objectives due to the fact of its smaller size and population and abundant organic sources, especially hydropower and geothermal sources that several nations lack.

Dr Monica Araya, Costa Rican clean improvement adviser, says the extent of Costa Rica’ renewable electrical energy generation is a “fantastic achievement”

It truly is time to debunk the myth that a nation has to pick out in between improvement on the one particular hand and environmental protection, renewables, high-quality of life, on the other.”

Problems nonetheless exist in the Central American nation. According o Araya, “ hides a paradox, which is that almost 70 per cent of all our power consumption is oil.” IFLScience! writes:

“ several created nations, Costa Rica has no plans to replace the million or so vehicles nonetheless utilizing dirty internal combustion engines, which do certainly have a noticeable damaging impact on each air high-quality and the climate.”

But when it comes to power, the wealthiest nations on Earth are lagging far behind Costa Rica. This shows you can say goodbye to coal when many types of clean power perform just fine.

Kyle James Lee – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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