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Boobs, Brawls, and Deserted Stores: 12 Scenes of Black Friday 2017 Chaos

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(ANTIMEDIA) Though the profitability of Black Friday may be wearing off due to the growth of online retail and consumers’ desire to avoid crowds in shopping centers, 2017’s day-after-Thanksgiving sales have once again drawn hysteria and violence. The consumer holiday has resulted in at least one shooting in Missouri, multiple fights, and chaos around the world.

At the same time, many shoppers and outlets are reporting eerily empty stores in stark contrast to years past.

Here are 12 images and videos that show Black Friday is alive and well in some places — 2,500 people reportedly gathered at the Mall of America before it opened — and dying down in others:

One brawl in Alabama caused the whole mall to shut down:

Stores like Best Buy started early on Thanksgiving day, drawing lines at locations around the country:

A fight at an undisclosed location appeared to show a man getting thrown through an aisle for touching another shopper’s basket:

Grown men fought over a toy car:

Grown men fighting over a toy car on Black Friday
Watch this video on YouTube.

In other parts of the world like South Africa, however, America’s Black Friday tradition goes on:

In Brazil, where Black Friday continues to grow in popularity, shoppers grappled over televisions (see 3:10 in video):

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, a lone radical feminist with “BLACK FRIDAY” scrawled on her torso attempted to trash a store owned by Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, who the U.S. State Department once considered their “Ukrainian insider.”

Ukraine: FEMEN activist tears up Poroshenko’s candy store for Black Friday *EXPLICIT*
Watch this video on YouTube.

She was eventually removed from the store.

Even if Black Friday 2017 doesn’t produce as much recorded chaos as it has in years past, it’s no doubt still woven into the fabric of American culture, as evidenced by this tweet:

by Carey Wedler /Creative Commons / Anti-Media /

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