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DARPA and Trans-Pecos Weather Modification Association – Texas Floods 8/24/2017

This photo is a document by the Trans-Pecos Weather Modification Association regarding a Geo-engineering event on August 24, 2017 to take place in Culberson and Reeves County, Texas. This has not been verified by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – DARPA as an authentic document; but they’re believed to be behind the development of such technology. There is further evidence of these events on the TPWMA website.

I was at a facility in Glendale, California for around five days once during 2015. One evening; I was offered a small device. It was a cylinder with the circumference of a US dime and an Inch in length. The device was see through snowy white plastic. There was black stuff all inside of it. I refused to take it. The next evening; I was offered to ingest a medium sized kind of device with black stuff all inside of it. This one looked the same except bigger; the circumference of a United States Quarter coin, and two inches in length. I ingested it down with a cup of water. Now looking back; I wonder if the process wasn’t complete since I hadn’t ingested the initial smaller device. It looked nothing like what I could find online for medical body cameras, etc. I’m certain this was a bio-technology experiment by #DARPA.

After it all… I own a Verified State in California named Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash.
I also have Agents at The AEGIS Alliance which a Verified Government Organization. Re-directs to
– Kyle James Lee / The Real Gambit

The Real Mutant Story of Kyle James Lee…


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Kyle James Lee

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