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Keeping Data Safe with Secure Flash Drives and Anti-Malware


The use of secure flash drives is the best option today for companies that want to keep their data safe and secure under many diverse conditions. With the capabilities of mobile data being utilized by many businesses secure flash drives are necessary to reduce the risk of proprietary data from being compromised.

Rock solid and secure flash drives are available from companies like SanDisk enterprises for those companies that need to keep their data safe and secure at the same time. This is because any breach of security using inferior drives could be catastrophic and expensive to correct.

Secure Flash Drives Enhance Control Capability

A company that uses secure flash drive that is controlled from a central software program decreases it risk of data corruption and theft. By utilizing a central control system drives can be terminated at any time should a situation warrant.

Companies without central control capability and secure flash drives have paid the price through the compromise and theft of valuable and sensitive data. Secure flash drives that are monitored from a central control server can be terminated at the first sign of trouble because there is electronic control over these drives.The only control over other drives is physical and in the case of theft this control vanishes immediately.

Theft, loss and compromise of data are the risks that companies must face if they are utilizing any other type of drive except secure flash drives. Data that is transported under any other condition is simply open game for thieves who would exploit the data. But secure flash drives have a built in safeguard should they fall into the wrong hands and that safeguard is encryption technology.

Many large companies and governmental agencies use secure flash drives with the AES 256-bit encryption offered by SanDisk Enterprise. These secure flash drives provide the very best security and control over confidential and sensitive data.

Secure Flash Drives with Anti-Malware

Anti-malware is the software used in secure flash drives to prevent corruption due to unauthorized access. It has the ability to protect secure flash drives by stopping virus attacks dead in their tracks. If need be the drives can be terminated from gaining access to the central server.

One feature of the anti-malware software produced by McAfee is its ability to scan for intruders and quarantine them before and corruption can take place. Secure flash drives are therefore protected from outside threats and any access to the main operating system is thwarted before a virus can affect any damage.

Only secure flash drives can provide the front and back-end security needed to protect data and operating systems from corruption. On the front end password authentication must be strong. The secure flash drives used by SanDisk have an 8 letter password combination which has been deemed the highest level.

If a company needs its data to be mobile then part of back-end security must be encryption. Encryption technology utilized by secure flash drives provides a strong layer of defense should a thief or hacker actually gain access to a drive. With encryption technology virtually impenetrable the data on a drive is inaccessible and safe.


Source by George Brisby

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