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James Alex Fields Jr – Protesters Swarmed for Reason OR Did they At All

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James Alex Fields Jr is a 20-year old man who resides in Maumee, Ohio. He told his mother he was going to an Alt-Right rally; he is also registered Republican. He was arrested today and charged with 2nd degree murder; on August 12th, 2017, as the prime suspect after he plowed his 2010 Dodge Challenger through ANTIFA or Anti-Fascist protesters who were against the Neo Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. 19 were injured along with the death of a 32-year old woman. Two officers were also killed in a helicopter crash just hours after the vehicle incident. There are rumors going around that two laser pointers were seen pointed at the chopper not long before it crashed, but we may never know the truth.

The driver claims he did not have malicious intent; and wanted to get through the protesters who began swarming his vehicle, in fear of his life and safety. I didn’t notice any big signs of him being a Neo Nazi displayed on his car. Why would the protesters be swarming his vehicle unless they knew he was a Neo Nazi? If he hadn’t alerted them in some way; the protesters may not have ever noticed. Seeing as how they swarmed his car; he may have yelled something out to the protesters initially… And that; would be considered inciting a riot. Perhaps nobody swarmed him at all; according to the video footage and photographs.

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