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Anonymous Needs the Power of the People! State of Corruption NH is in Danger!

Greetings world! We, are Anonymous! It seems that the corrupt officials of New Hampshire; and across our great country, think they can shut down the state of corruption, and Mr. Michael Gill. You cannot shut down a revolution. Mr. Michael Gill is now blocked from sharing on Facebook, Youtube, and other media sources.

We need your help. His visit to Washington D. C. and his evidence at hand exposes both republicans and democrats, that are working corruptly together. These corrupt officials will go as far as murder to shut us all down. The media divides us; they are corrupt themselves. Mr. Gill should not have to fight this battle alone; so Anonymous is asking all of the great people of New Hampshire, and around our great country, to fight back and share this video, until it reaches over a million views. This is our future, our children’s future, our dreams, and our hopes. Let’s see if these media outlets can shut us all down!

We are now aware that Judicial Watch, has also been struck by corruption; and is no longer working for the people. One has to wonder; if they ever have, or did the corrupt infiltrate long ago. Turning away Mr. Michael Gill, just landed them in the pile of corrupt judicial injustice. The state of corruption information will put these corrupt officials to rest.

Anonymous will be watching you also, the department of justice! Citizens, corruption has no race, social status, or party. Let’s show these corrupt politicians, judges, lawyers, courts, cops, and drug dealers, that we as a people will no longer stand for this injustice, and take our great country back! We will win, and our freedoms will prevail. So now let’s all hit the share button, and put these criminals in jail, shall we?

We are the Anonymous Legion. we will never stop. we are one. we are many. we are everywhere. We do not forgive. We do not forget. expect us!

Kyle James Lee

Majority Owner of The AEGIS Alliance. I studied in college for Media Arts, Game Development. Talents include Writer/Article Writer, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Web Design and Development, Video Production, Social Media, and eCommerce.

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