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Researchers Find Ways to Bring Star Wars 3D Display to Life

March 17, 2017 | By Anon.Dos at

The Holovect MK II consists of a unit that can control the air around its region so it can modify the refractive index of a particular area where a simple laser beam can be molded into displaying shapes. Thus, by using software, the air columns are controlled and can modify the particles of light into desired vectors anywhere in a controlled air space.

Avila further said the vector laser’s displayed objects are sets of data that were designed for Holodeck MK II. These data sets are a list of coordinates that guide the lines to help the 3D vector image come to life. The hardware consists of switches that can program the 3D vector to spin or move from one point to another within the controlled space.

Holovect MK II isn’t just for visual pleasure; it can be used to bring soul to the CAD designs on Holovect before they’re used in 3D printing. Its developer also stated that Holovect could be used for visualisation of 3D data along with its use for 3D advertisements, such as branding.

Avila also made sure gamers can use the Holovect, too, in drawing and art related software or general designing tools, saying these customizations will be available soon. The machine will also include 3D image capturing and creating technology.

So, if you’re excited about having your own Star Wars display, then you can order your Holovect MK II early bird for $750. Their page is offering options beginning at $750 – $1800 with shipments of the product to anywhere in the world.

By Anon.Dos – Creative Commons License –

Source: The Verge, Kick Starter, Motherboard, Live Science.

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