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Insane Facts About Donald J. Trump’s Mouth!

I don’t support Trump Vader or Hillary Clintron / Hillary Clinton both…  (I’m registered Green Party. Jill Stein gets my vote, her campaign nearly mirrors that of Bernie Sanders; and makes more sense to me. I don’t care if she has no chance of winning. Gary Johnson’s incompetence to be President worries me… But not as much as Trump or Hillary. I’d rather see him or Jill run the United States; because at least they’ll listen to what the citizens have to say about foreign and domestic issues.

I have more concerns about Trump than Clinton; but they’re both far from innocent. I was in favor of Bernie Skywalker / Bernie Sanders overall. Never supported Ted Cruz Captain America/ Ted Cruz; but U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders vs.Senator Ted Cruz would’ve been a better match up.)


Donald J. Trump has stated that the minimum wage is fine where it’s at, even to lower it; not once has he stated to give the average citizen a raise. He will cost the national deficit $9 Trillion. He will give billions in tax breaks to big businesses; which benefits Trump and his friends… Which will never be in the average citizens pockets. Thinking on this, why would he want to give Billions to corporations while not insisting on a minimum wage hike at the same time?

This will allow those corporations to not be obligated to give anyone a raise; hence never reaching the average citizens pockets. Trump has declared bankruptcy four times; and has had several failed businesses. He has no stake in Trump steaks or the water his hotels are supplied with either.

He supports wanting to let Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan have Nuclear Weapons… One of the multiple truths Mike Pence denied during his Vice Presidential debate with Tim Kaine.

Trump has no respect for women; it’s a fact. In fact; he’s on trial for having sex with a minor right now. His “Charitable Organization” has recently been banned from doing business in New York; for good reason. He did business with Cuba during the embargo. There’s also been business dealings with Russia; which is a dictatorship, not a leadership. There’s also all of the crazy things he’s said during the primary election. He has no policy, and your real President would be Pence; who would give Trump orders… And Pence will be running in 2020.


Trump very well may have avoided paying taxes for nearly two decades due to a taxing law from losing nearly $1 billion in 1995; which was an economic boom year. He proudly talked about it at a recent rally; Nixon released his taxes while under an audit, an audit has nothing to do with this, and is just a BS excuse. About Trump on the topic of PTSD, Marijuana is known to cure PTSD; yet Trump still stands to “Leave it up to the states” to deal with Marijuana laws.

Trump celebrates Memorial Day! … In his own kind of way. O_o!


According to Trump; this is what happens when you put men and women together? Shows how he feels about women in general.

Trump once said to raise his 50 foot wall by 50 feet, but then said to lower it two feet in order to “Save on costs”. He wants to kick out ALL immigrants and then let the good ones back in. There’s no need to kick out the good ones with an “immigration force” as yes Trump suggested; another one of Pence’s denials at the debate. There are already citizenship programs in place for this purpose… But they never once mentioned these programs. His immigration “plan” and the border wall; would cost taxpayers a whole lot of money!


If you think Trump is a good choice; you’re highly misinformed. Are you against abortion for actual valid reasons? Trump is … Are you Christian? I’m not; but in all factual evidence neither is Trump, his original Biblical quote “Never bend to envy” isn’t in Proverbs at all. But he never actually said he was atheist either. Trump claims he knows more about ISIS Daesh than the Generals do; truth is he has no plan at all, with not much of any real policies to begin with.

The Birther issue about President Obama; from all the way back during 2012!

Trump is a narcissist and a liar with possible ADHD. When faced with the truth; he will deny it to the end, even when the proof of what he’s said and done is right in front of him. He doesn’t care about the money in the average citizens pockets; and he doesn’t believe in Global Warming, which an overwhelming amount of scientists say is real and happening. Also, Trump Tower was built by immigrants to save on costs, not American workers. He also paid off politicians in order to cover up his Trump University scandal.

Trump says oil companies will love him. He also made a speech about producing more oil in the United States. He’s said such things as taking the oil from Iraq also; but that’s their oil. He talked about carpet bombing and even nuking ISIS Daesh… That isn’t possible with such a high risk of innocent civilians being caught up in it; nuking ISIS would also cause Iraq to suffer from nuclear radiation. Furthermore, Trump supported the war in Iraq, before it happened; that’s a fact.

Trumps actual stupidity of a Tweet; and if this were true, then why would the Chinese be investing in Green / Clean / Renewable energy? The Tweet caused many Twitter users to become disgruntled by this.

Trump is angered about Wind Turbines for “Clean” Energy being planned to be built near his golf course in Scotland.

Here’s Trump getting mad about Wind Turbines (Clean Energy) being placed near his golf course in Scotland; with plenty of backlash from the Scottish!

What we need in the U.S. is to be more focused on clean and renewable energy. There is only a finite amount of pollutant oil left in the world; and we need it for more than oil and gasoline; clothing included.

Trump calling Global Warming “Bullshit” … And it isn’t “freezing” here in California; the drought is real. Some due to companies such as Nestle draining the water supply. … But, it also has to do with Polar circular winds not being able to reach California, due to, you guessed it; GLOBAL WARMING! Therefore; rain reaches California at a much lesser rate.

Trump talks more about making “Deals” than he does Bills. One in particular being a Deal with Israel he once suggested. The deal involves “A deal they can’t refuse” he said; by giving Israel an undisclosed large sum of money!

… But he didn’t have the mouth; or the the balls to tell the President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico that they’re going to pay for the wall to his face. The man himself even told Trump in person during that meeting that Mexico won’t pay for it. …

[caption id="attachment_39807" align="aligncenter" width="480"]monkeys-and-trump-small-balls Image Credit:[/caption]

Here’s a nasty Tweet from Trump stating she should be ashamed of her past because she was born; and called her “Stupid”.

Everything I’ve stated are true facts about what Donald J. Trump has said and about what he would do as President. This all from a man who supposedly wrote books… Ahem… A book. If you’ve noticed, you’ve never seen any inspiring writing pieces by Donald J. Trump on Facebook; only short Tweets which don’t take much time, effort, and thought at all!


He even said this about Bernie Sanders at a rally during the primaries; almost as though he was given his own #OpTrump speech…

“A lotta lotta people think… that Bernie Sanders is uhh… Oh geez I don’t even wanna say it! … A sweet Jesus!” – Donald J. Trump


“Pump the oil dry and we could all die” “We look so far forward to the future; yet we stay so far behind.” –


Kyle James Lee / The Real Gambit

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