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Presidential Candidates… LIVE Speeches And CNN Interviews; much more witnessed.







EDIT: This just in… a deal Israel would need to sign… a deal… how about a Bill? OR laws. Oh four trillion… well what would your Israeli “Deal” include? A lotta lotta money?

@Donald J. Trump told CNN to Israel if they want to leave… maybe he thought they meant the Rabbis. :)) … Then he said… Get this to the Rabbis, he’d be great for Israel; brings up the Israeli day Parade after you’ve all pretty much taken everything away from him… As though this auto-qualifies him.

Israeli Air Force


Just to add, I knew what would be in store on or before February 4th; 2015… Mass migration……/status/562976042575749120

Wolf BlitzerAnderson CooperAnderson Cooper 360… Look at Donald J. Trump sitting there… Blinding everyone, great stuff… If you’ve written so much and are so smart… and live in the United States… How does he not know much about government and United States History CNNCNN InternationalCNN en EspañolCNNMoneyCNN Politics

FOX 13 News – Tampa BayFox Carolina NewsFOX 4 News

Hype Train


Mind getting into how you will accomplish all of this? How? The question has ALWAYS been how… And not why; or slivers and grains of solutions. You had gotten into tons of stuff about how bad; and negative everything has been.

First time reading a a tele-prompter… Where does all of this stuff he says come from then? He lies a lot, a whole lot; so much to the point of being a fraud or scam on the American Public.

How about all of those many many bad decisions in the past and present… Is what you all see in your President; deciding over many mistaken decisions?

Many awards and contributed money… But look at all of what Cruz had to say about all of the IsraelIsrael Defense ForcesIsrael Ministry of Foreign Affairs… You think the answer is maybe… But look at all of what Cruz proposed? He would stand a much better chance against Clinton than Trump.

The Real Diplomatic Gambit

Yet he has so many – Mexican Problems.Mexican ProblemsMexican Problems and even American MuslimMuslim Public Affairs Council – MPAC problems; many… He’d have a lot of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship problems too. All kinds of world power problems… Trumps Anonymous cause future in store for him; and his credibility… or lack there of…




I’ve killed ‪#‎ISIS‬‪#‎Daesh‬ myself; their best communicators in fact. Acted as Agent two maybe three times in the past… And how about now? – Agents at The AEGIS AllianceThe AEGIS AllianceKyle James Lee

– Real Watch Dogs
Watch Dog at The AEGIS Alliance – Hours May Vary – Self Employed

Me to TOGO… To The #ISIS #Daesh

President ObamaBarack ObamaMichelle Obama
Joe Biden
Paul RyanSpeaker Paul RyanMitt Romney
Bernie SandersU.S. Senator Bernie SandersHillary Clinton
Marco RubioSenator Marco Rubio
John KasichTed Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz … Cool, he said “Radical Islamic Terrorists” – Ted Cruz … not just throwing out “Terrorist’ like Donald J. Trump. wink emoticon

Coming correct, not just politically correct… Like Rubio came talking to Trump Mark Wahlberg :)) …Cruz also had a lot more in there he wanted to say and let everyone know. Overall… Everyone had a lot more interesting things to say than Trump… Besides everything Trump should be qualified for; without ever getting into any reasons why.

The New York TimesThe New York Times – ScienceThe New York Times Opinion SectionKTLA 5 Morning NewsKTLA 5 NewsNBC NewsNBC 7 San DiegoWashington Post

And I’m not even a fan of football; but I know people who are

Peyton Manning… And you know my quotes are real! 🙂

In honesty, Kasich is a good hearted man… And I got a lotta heart. Not just heart like the first republican debate of 2015 I had massively disrupted. ‪#‎ThePagesOfAEGIS‬ Cruz actually would have a much better competition with Hillary Clinton for President Supporters. … He really is a trash talkin Trump… And I ‪#‎TrumpTheTrump‬ Best Jeb Bush.

Cruz has always stood a better chance against Clinton by Statistics; lets face it. Meanwhile, look at the silent as ever Chris ChristieGovernor Chris Christie at a recent Trump rally, rocking back and forth saying nothing and sitting there; as though he had an itch for something! … How about thatHeroine problem that happened in New Jersey? It then spread into other states… And other drug problems; resulting in utter violence on the streets. Meanwhile the weather hasn’t been playing nice either… Along with everything involved with Government. ‪#‎DARPA‬

Planetary BalanceI stand with Past experience as Manager in San Francisco, California… under my Great Uncle Jack May. Robert Duncan my Grandfather, hadU.S. Army Rangers training at the time of transferring over from the Army to the Airforce. He was the only one to have done this at the time. U.S. Air Force RecruitingU.S. Pacific Air ForcesUS Air Force Academy Association of Graduates.Grandpa Duncan… trained fighter Pilots during the Korean War

Korean War Veterans MemorialHe went on to work for NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration and did many things, he is at an old age; and our Great Uncle Jack May… He died. The only men who hold proof of my‪#‎RealMutant‬ origins. Him and Grandpa Duncan; who is in bad health; and has Alzheimer’s Association. There’s a US patent about this for Marijuana on our website The English only Pages under Unexplained or Un-confirmed.

The People For Bernie Sanders 2016Midwest for Bernie SandersWe Want Bernie SandersBernie Sanders for PresidentUnofficial: Bernie Sanders For President 2016Millennials For Bernie SandersFeel the Bern , Bernie Sanders 2016Women for Bernie Sanders 2016

Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash A must find… It’s where the #Darpa Experiment happened. The very city of Glendale, California.

Bernie Sanders, had a lot to say, he’s a reasonable man, who thinks things through. He even went as far to say that there is both blame on Israel and Palestine. They have had anger and hate against each other for a while; it’s common knowledge.. He has been saying so many things that should be inspiring every American. So many concepts and well thought out ideas; plans to deal with these world issues. Him andUnofficial: TEAM HILLARY CLINTON do have differences; but they actually have something in common…

There are both good; and bad things within Bills. And I can assure you there are times they reject. But, there are also times where they see a lot of good within the Bill; but then there’s also bad stuff in there… That if given the chance; they’d wipe parts like that out of these Bills you can count on that.


The Jewish PressRabbis for Human Rights don’t really like the guy… It’s true. Israel has also told him about his bigotry, bad language towards women; among other things. This all; after Trump finding out he’s been stripped of things from Israel. “Israeli Day Parade; I’m great for Israel.” … Like a “Remember me from that Parade?” thing?

And his original Biblical Quote; it wasn’t even in the The Holy Bible to begin with according to Patheos…


Donald Trump Makes Up Bogus Bible Quote To Impress Gullible Christians


Christian QuotesChristianity TodayChristianity.comChristianity


People Trying to Hurt My Feelings Like

Thanks for all of your time again.

The Death Note

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