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Donald J. Trump … Credibility, Reputation, Track Record; and Campaign


Insane Facts about Donald Trump’s Mouth! A Must See! A compilation of the insane things he’s actually said!

 … it looks to me as though the Democrats have more to say than Donald J. Trump; about worked out solutions. Trump has been seen lying; or going back and forth on his word constantly… Even about torture. Praising it, then going against it; now saying he’s for it again?

(Opinions have also changed about Hillary Clinton… In a positive way! … The way I see it; the Democrats have a lot more complex worked out solutions to talk about… Rather than constant rhetoric.)

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Planetary Balance

This image, represents some of Donald J. Trump‘s track record… But don’t dare call him on his ‪#‎Truth‬‘s? He will just talk S and Trash? … S And trash, but heaven forbid he hears probably the S word, and definitely the F word… Or calling it a bathroom instead of “Too disgusting to say” … Oh and the IRS called… there was never any problem about revealing your taxes… So why’d you say it without knowing any facts behind it? Audit 12 years in a row? Interesting… Should make anyone wonder why?



[caption id="attachment_30601" align="aligncenter" width="733"]Trump's Credibility and Reputation Record Credit for the image goes to Real Truth Now and Jeff61B. Thanks also to Occupy Democrats![/caption]

(Credit for the image goes to Real Truth Now and Jeff61B. Thanks also to Occupy Democrats!)


Hope you’re all ready to go off and die for your country, death, killing, loss of life… meanwhile he’s very concerned about an American Baby?! Keep in mind, he wants to build up a huge military… With sole purpose being to “Destroy ISIS.”He wants a huge military; and try to go forth with these ideas that have no meat to them. He says he “Supports” Veterans… Meanwhile, we give 20% directly back to #OpSafeWinter, poverty stricken or homeless veterans in need. We consider the solely homless; and this is meant for The United States. He doesn’t patronize? Good luck trying to become Veterans… and go off to fight and die for him in war!

… Purple Heart…

#IGuessImAVeteranNow #IGuessImAVeteran #GuessImAVeteranNow #GuessImAVeteran #FatalInjuries #PartOfAVeteranNow #LethalInjuries



He also blew off Mexico, and has a lot of Mexican Problems already about that wall; telling them three times they’ll still pay for the wall. This, even after the President of Mexico was seen telling CNN worried about Trump; claiming the man has things in common with Hitler. … And he does in fact… President of Mexico:

Enrique Peña Nieto… And Chris Christie… He IS The HEROINE PROBLEM!


Adolf Hitler:


Used Racism to rise to power

SupportProposed Mass Deportations

SummonPromised to make Germany great again

SupportAnti-Jew Fascist

SummonBlames Jews for Germany’s problems

SupportThought Jews should wear special ID’s





Donald J. Trump:

SummonUsed Racism to rise to power

SupportProposes Mass Deportations

SummonPromises to make America great again

SupportAnti-Muslim Fascist

SummonBlames Immigrants for America’s problems

SupportThinks Muslims should wear special ID’s

What did Bernie Sanders ever take from the Church… except for peoples two cents… And money from peoples pockets that they gladly gave. He also has three things in common with Jesus Christ. Firstly he’s Jewish, a carpenter kind of guy… and a so called socialist.

“A lotta lotta people think… That Bernie Sanders is uhh… Oh geez I don’t even want to say it! … A sweet Jesus!” – Donald J. Trump at the podium; addressing his own #OpTrump speech. #CNN #CNNNews


bernie sanders image

Well; a lotta lotta people have more sense than that.

[caption id="attachment_30706" align="aligncenter" width="500"]An odd election. The impression given about Trump rallies during this odd election.[/caption]

… And to Paul Ryan Speaker Paul Ryan… All he ever said to Trump is that “He can be an emotional person.” … If everyone thinks he will pay dearly… to our VERY OWN Speaker of the House… He is wrong! Trump said he didn’t even know the guy in the first place. That man was in tears a while back! He had no choice but to sign. This mans solutions will not even work. He has a huge built up glorious story… leading into a sliver or grain of a solution. And foreign policy? You can forget it.

And he needs to get a reality check on some people Mitt Romney For Example…

They seemed to be in a lot more positive mood than Trump had been in for a while at least. Why must everyone shun them all away except for Trump? These voters? #AnyoneButTrump And… Where are all of the other protestors; or peaceful freedom of speech protesters at all of the other rallies and events? And the fact there were Bernie Sanders supporters protesting… Is irrelevant to his campaign.

The only reason Trump attacks everyone so very much; is because he hates to see anyone point it all out about himself. Any time someone else points out credibility flaws with him; he immediately goes on the aggressive and offensive attack… To make everyone think he’s so perfect and has nothing to hide.

Jester Cat

Insurance companies and open the borders. … think about this… So you’d go get insurance in a state, then go to another State; only to find it isn’t accepted… Or even real! He wants to sue people… And sue you all he will! Remember that image on Facebook that was going around? Someone puts it on their Page… Now a company can come and sue you over it… And so on back and forth randomly … Or anyone who says they don’t like Donald J. Trump. onemanriot








To Top it all off, he didn’t just say he wanted a now 50 foot taller wall and lower it two feet… He said one surrounding Canada as well. Where are all of these insane Jihadists running around the United States Trump? He should be more concerned about something from Outer Space; or another country. … Or even a nuclear bomb maybe.

“We didn’t go after oil wells… because we didn’t want to do environmental damage, and we didn’t want to destroy that infrastructure.” – Michael Morell? Former Central Intelligence Agency Official

Source: Charlie Rose Show

Trumps big plan was to “Carpet Bomb Them” … And there is the very reason the CIA did not want to bomb critical oil well/drilling infrastructure… And oil fields. So, he’d propose engulfing them in flames so he can “Take the oil”… Well, bombing has been done on critical ISIS Infrastructure … While avoiding those drilling wells for this very reason.


We should be looking forward to the future, oil and gas is indeed bad for the environment; first and foremost everyone’s very own health and well being. I proposed a plan in order to get Solar and Wind kicked off very nicely. The plan being, to maintain and repair or patch up existing gas stations. Then, add in additional support to hold the project in place atop of the Gas Station.

Nuclear to Clean Energy







There’d be solar panels and wind turbines/fans above these previously existing gas stations. There would be no transportation of fuel costs, except for the initial installation process; and timely maintenance. This leads to savings in the consumers pockets. Also, not everyone would be able to afford solar panels; and a personal electric fuel station in their garage.

“We look so far forward to the future; yet we stay so far behind.” “There is all the time left in the world; to stop the world from running out of time. – Kyle James LeeAgents at The AEGIS Alliance


To remind you all; about just how many are against that man. Even his very own original quote from The Holy Bible … Was never even in their version of God. Meanwhile, he went around quoting Gandhi; and everyone else.

Even more of a reminder about Trumps Anonymous future…

Anonymous HeadsetSSJ4fusion

His own wife even compared herself to JFK’s wife… says a lot when you think about just what happened to John F. Kennedy in the end.

The Death Note



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