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Peyton Manning Announces Retirement




Hype Train


Peyton Manning’s Retirement Story on CNN Website

Who did he quote? No other than The Holy Bible This man talked of genes, dreams; everything you can imagine that he wanted to state… Wise choice to mostly avoid the big decisions… This guy has heart emoticon

Peyton ManningIt’s ok with me Sir… It’s all Advanced Alienic Beings to us anyway. grin emoticon

I actually did catch it on CNN… Well; good thing I did. wink emoticon

CNN CNN International CNN en Español CNNMoney CNN Politics
Fox News Fox 11 Los Angeles KTLA 5 Morning News KTLA 5 News ABC7 ABC News CBS News

Thank you Sir, you are a shining example of this U.S. Army U.S. Navy U.S. Air Force Recruiting Marine Corps Recruiting U.S. Marine Corps ‪#‎SemperFi‬ … This Armies might. The Fifth Element

I can’t leave just yet now. And look at how it can all crumble down before them. Where are all of the really awesome worked out solutions; all because of one Republican?

Stone Flow Person

John 11:48… Psalms 116 … Psalms 112 … Psalms 101

Donald Trump Makes Up Bogus Bible Quote To Impress Gullible Christians

Agents at The AEGIS AllianceThe AEGIS Alliance



FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation

Central Intelligence Agency

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationThe Holy Bible Christian Quotes Christianity Today Christianity… This is more powerful than words;not enough words. heart emoticon

Baltazar’s Conspiracy Theories of the New World Order Look at the wings these people have been saved under… Dr. Ben Carson We The PeopleThe AEGIS Alliance The true black lives matter leader! Also the one who wanted to work out ways to get along with Government! grin emoticon Marco Rubio Senator Marco Rubio this is pretty amazing! But Cruz did want to go with Christian Faith. Rubio only defended himself from everyone, just like everyone else; because of one Republican in the beginning! And people hold it to the word 2,000 years later lol.

(Carson really went the other way there; opinions have drastically changed.)
Eyes and SpaceFar as I can see he seems like a good hearted man lol John Kasich … but psychologically. up to you. He’s been doing good! grin emoticon

Rubio reminds me of Mark Wahlberg with that voice! Could be such a riot with Carson calming Rubio down! grin emoticon

Ted Cruz Senator Ted Cruz … Not sure about your 100% saying abortion should never happen. That cause should never happen; and for serious valid reasons.

If everyone plays their cards right all out on the fields; the odds and ends will always be the same… Positive, Negative; or Neutral.

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the aegis alliance TeePublic Tee Public products designs shop product shops design

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