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Anonymous Identification Cards – No Problem!

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Here’s those Anonymous ID’s people were so worried about…


Meanwhile, We Are Anonymous probably owns a media company; and can DOX peoples personal information… even credit cards. The so called Anonymous HQ generated $400k+ last year…

And Hacker Việt Nam was posting nothing at all while claiming to support Anonymous by the looks of cover photo. People post to Page, but they never post anything; obvious government set-up… And we have his IP number; we have tracked him places. Now real page is unavailable btw; you’re welcome! Neither is that one Now…Oh Well. 😛

But Anonymous New York Page releases these ID cards; and people lost their minds! – Agents at The AEGIS Alliance

They’re available in their on-line shop for $5 + $2 shipping. Also available in Anonymiss for $1.99 + Shipping.

Shop link: They ship world wide!

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