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So many bad things to talk about with Trump…



“While official Church teaching[8] considers women and men to be complementary (equal and different), some modern “advocates of ordination of women and other feminists” argue that teachings attributed to St. Paul and those of the Fathers of the Church and Scholastic theologians advanced the notion of a divinely ordained female inferiority.[9] Nevertheless, women have played prominent roles in Western history through as part of the church, particularly in education and healthcare, but also as influential theologians and mystics.”

“Some of the things that Christianity is commonly criticized for include the oppression of women, condemnation of homosexuality, colonialism, and various other violence. Christian ideas have been used both to support and to end slavery as an institution. The criticism of Christianity has come from the various religious and non-religious groups around the world, some of whom were themselves Christians.”


“Also, people who believe the world is actually flat; or not that old… Have completely lost the way of advancing human knowledge. … And it isn’t religion as a whole that is the problem… Crime doesn’t judge by race or religion; therefore there are in fact wolves in sheep’s clothing within their own religions. It is up to the person to take the books thousands of years old word literally… And doing exactly what it says. Taking it out of context; and perversion of religion also must be considered.”


onemanriotSo many issues, problems, bad things going on… even stuff that isn’t even true. There is no huge Muslim problem in this country. Send out the bad ones, don’t just spend all that time and money to send them all out; then bring them all back in legally. There are citizenship programs in the US just for this purpose.

You are so driven by anger with how negative everything is … But where’s all of worked out, planned out solutions you so wish to speak about in order to solve these problems; with a positive impact on peoples reactions…

Donald J. Trump?

… They threw tomatoes at you, why? Because you were calling U.S. Senator Bernie SandersUnited States… a communist. Meanwhile, he had his say to vote for an audit on the Federal Reserve; and he voted yes. He also stands for a lot of real worked out solutions; and ways to solve problems.

Donald J. Trump

… Please just admit that you have always been part of the top 1%; many friends in high places. You have also went back on your word now supporting U.S. patent # 6630507 … About how you would still continue to leave it up to the States… More of the same. US Patent # 6630507 clearly states all of the known medical benefits of marijuana…. Something the Pharma companies, and the top 1% do not want to be legal. There is a synthetic version, containing zero cannabis or marijuana; and it has killed people… Successfully bringing their own war upon it. Didn’t these people learn anything the first time this happened; with “Spice”?

You bragged about at least having a hotel near the White House if you aren’t elected. About how you’ve worked with the Obama administration.

You are only proving to yourself, that yet again, you are not fighting for everything these people want… And why on Earth would you lower the minimum wage in order to stimulate an economy? An economy ran by this monetary value; which would only stimulate more sales of goods and product with a higher minimum wage. This is in order to make up for inflation over the past… Decades.

More decisions taken back; even when compared towards entire races of people.

If you restrict the media further; imagine what could happen? …

Bernie Sanders United States U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

“Go ahead and protest.” Trump states. One guy does in a peaceful manner; and he still throws him out…Getting everyone so riled up about it; as though it’s such a great victory.

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